Awesome Wedding Photos

Awesome Wedding Photos Made Possible with Social Media Props

Social media has become an integral part of our lives these days. People often make use of social networking sites for sharing the memorable moments of their lives. Weddings are one of those occasions when you get to meet friends and relatives whom you do not meet on a frequent basis. The way you decorate the venue to a great extent helps in making them feel welcomed at the venue.  Here are some couple poses based on social media props which can make wedding pictures memorable ones: –

Photo booth props based on Star Wars

star war themed wedding photography

star war themed wedding photography

Star War themed Wedding Photography | Image Resource :

This is an ideal option for people who are fond of Star Wars. It will add a unique touch to the occasion. If you want to experiment with more ideas, you can opt for ideas from the Harry Potter films to create a distinct atmosphere for your guest. The presence of Stormtrooper masks and light sabers will add a touch of glamour to the photo booth and make the visitors appreciate your creativity. The presence of a number of other items such as on-theme props and space helmets will enthrall visitors who are not habituated to such decorations.

If in case you are looking for something different, you can consider creating floral walls. To do so, you can consult your wedding decorator. They will bring your ideas to life keeping in touch with the décor trends of wedding venues. You can also think about opting for props which reflect the likes and preferences of you and your beloved. It could be based on anything ranging from literature and art to adventure sports. Try to mix and match the ideas which you come across the internet. They will enhance the mood of the occasion and make your wedding worth remembering for a lifetime.

Space-themed props

Space Themed Props

Space Themed Props

Space themed props | Image Resource :

You can create such a prop by taking ideas from Star Wars films. To add more drama and ensure that you have awesome wedding pics worth remembering for a life time, you can launch a number of rockets in the air.