Know the Cost of Engagement Photography in Mumbai

Are you going to tie the knot soon? If you do, then you are likely to spend a substantial amount of time in making the necessary arrangements. But it will be through pictures that you will be able to reminisce the most memorable moment of your life in the long run. To acquire the services of an accomplished wedding photographer, you will first need to figure out his fees. Here are some ways in which you can find out the cost for pre-wedding shoots: –

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Start the selection process

Initiate the screening process by reading the reviews of people who have acquired such services before. Once you gone through the websites of a number of wedding photographers, you will get to know their style of working. You will also gain a clear idea about the photography’s skills from the pictures he has shared on his website. Go through the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages also. If past clients have given a positive feedback, then a photographer’s services are worth it.

Check their portfolio minutely

When you go through the portfolio of a photographer, pay attention to the key moments he has captured. Look at the clearness of images, the quality of lightings and compositions. A photographer who specialises in engagement photography must be good at capturing people’s emotions in pictures. Check whether the people whose pictures have been captured look relaxed or not. Though you and your beloved are no doubt, most important, yet you would like to see others in a good mood as well.

Compare the service packages offered

Once you have shortlisted a number of photographers, you will need to plan out the budget. The service packages offered by engagement photographers tend to vary. Therefore, have a close look at the packages which each of these photographers offer. Find out whether their terms and conditions fit into your scheme of things or not. This will make sure that you get the exact package which suits your needs without having to spend a large sum of money for the pictures.


How Much Does A Pre-Wedding Shoot Cost In India?

The concept of pre-wedding photo shoots has become quite popular these days. Young couples often opt for such shoots to make their pre-wedding celebrations worth celebrating. If you are wedding is just around the corner, then you are likely to look for an accomplished photographer to handle your photoshoot. Here are some ways in which you can figure out the cost of pre-wedding shoot: –

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Go through the portfolio well

The skills of a photographer are displayed in the best manner through his portfolio. So, when you begin your search for a photographer, check the portfolios of the ones who you come across. These days, professional photographers often share their portfolios on their websites.

By having a close look at the pictures which they have taken in the past, you can gain a clear perception about the quality of work done by a photographer in the past. Once you have gone through the portfolios of people who specialise in engagement photography, you can select a few names and get in touch with them.

Compare quotes of different photographers

The fees which is charged by photographers for a pre-wedding shoot tends to vary. It is dependent on a number of factors such as the equipment to be used, venue and time involved in post-production process. When you approach a professional photographer, you are likely to pay a certain amount as advance for booking for a specific date.

To ensure that the quote charged by a photographer isn’t too high, collect quotes of different wedding photographers based in your city. This will help you to narrow down on the ones whose quotes are within your means. You will thus be able to come up with a realistic budget for the photo-shoot.

Also, read the terms and conditions laid down by the photographer in his website or agreement. This will help you to be assured that he fulfills all the commitments he has made to you and delivers the pictures within a stipulated time period after completing the shoot.  Therefore, pay attention to these details well before you decide.

6 Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas In And Around Mumbai

Marriage is a once in a lifetime thing for most and couples get excited at the very thought of getting married. These memories of your time together before and after marriage stay sweet and refreshing. Capture these moments in per wedding pictures so that you can look back and rejoice your togetherness.

Here are some great photo shoot ideas in locations near Mumbai that you may try out:

Warmth Of Togetherness At Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Marine Drive | Image Resource :

Marine Drive is one of the most popular Mumbai locations for lovers and newly weds. Make sure you have some great pre-wedding clicks in the shores of Marine Drive.

Stunning Pics at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park | Image Resource :

In a city like Mumbai find a green and clean place for pre wedding photo shoot is close to impossible. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is green and really romantic. It offers a perfect backdrop for pre wedding photography.

Together Holding Hands at Chowpatty



Chowpatty is a popular tourist location for people who visit Mumbai. It is also a great place to click photos hand in hand with your life partner.

The Perfect Backdrop at Chota Kashmir

Chota Kashmir

Chota Kashmir

Chota Kashmir | Image Resource :

As there are few good parks in Mumbai, Chota Kashmir has always been popular among couples. It is also a great place to do the pre wedding photo shoots.

Great Couple Pictures at Afghan Church

Afghan Church

Afghan Church

Afghan Church | Image Resource :

Tired of the same beaches and panoramic views that make up most of the pre-wedding shoots? Are you looking for something truly different and eye catchy? Then why not try and arrange a photo shoot at the Afghan Church. It offers the luxurious look of an age old palace and offers the perfect backdrop for photography.

Enjoy Nature’s Panoramic Views at Karnala



Karnala | Image Resource :

In the arms of nature, you can feel free and give as many nice poses as you wish. It is the perfect place to have your couple photos before marriage.

Pre wedding photo shoot ideas cannot materialise without the perfect background for the pictures. These locations in Mumbai and near the city are ideal for the purpose.